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creative and technical solutions

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Health Performance,
Physical and Mental Stress,
Heart Rate Variability(HRV), ECG and PWV

planning and strategy
testing and debuggin
training and launch
support and evaluation

working with innovative
companies and organizations


accesibility and perfomance
of your digital business

WEB Based Applications And WEB Design

Project Management

o Developed an Intranet system that delivered training, administered tests and reported results. System used ASP and SQL Server.

o Developed a system with ASP and mySQL for employees to enter in time sheets, expense reports, contact information and for managers to authorize time and generate reports.

o Developed several corporate intranets and reusable web server COM components using Active Server Pages and Visual Basic. Developed sites with IIS 4.0, SQL Server, Index Server.

Web Database Development

o Implemented web based access authentication. Development in VB Script, ASP with IIS 4.0, Java Script, HTML, MS Access.

E-mail through browser - Internet. Java Script, VB Script, ASP, OLE components - Java, HTML.

Enterprise Web Solutions

We offer our expertise to e-translate the legacy business processes with customer and business partners into a symbiotic relationship using the Web.

In addition to identifying and e-translating the business processes, Frontier offers an integrated set of Enterprise Web Solutions:

o Business Strategy. Identifying the long term goals of the organisation and translating the technology requirements necessary for achieving goals.

o Process Reengineering. Comprehensive analysis and documentation of business processes and rationalizing the effectiveness to complement the technology strategy.

o Systems Design Strategy. Detailed mapping and analysis of all technology elements incorporating the enterprise web solution.

o Applications Development. Design and implementation of the various application components that constitute the integrated enterprise technology platform.

o Legacy Reengineering. Leveraging the existing applications in the organization and migrating on the web to build an integrated technology solution.

o Knowledge Management. Designing and implementing systems for capturing, synthesizing and leveraging the collective knowledge residing in the organisation.

Back Office Support

Strategic outsourcing of the back end processes/data processing that allows organisations to focus on their core competence.

Portal Solutions

Frontier offers partnership approach in helping the organisation identify and develop new channels of revenue generation through the Web. We offer an integrated life-cycle of solutions for established and emerging dotcom companies.

o E-Strategy Consulting. Identifying and developing a comprehensive business plan and vision to harvest the emerging internet opportunity.
o Web System Strategy. Detailed mapping and analysis of all technology elements incorporating the comprehensive web solution.
o Web design and Development. Design and implementation of the various components that constitute the integrated technology platform.
o Systems Integration. Customisation and integration of various software and hardware components that constitute the whole gamut of web solutions

Working with Frontier provides access to a wide range of advantages in this fast paced Internet era like:

o Robust web solutions
o Excellent back-office support
o Awareness and Visibility
o Web Infrastructure
o Incubator Facilities

Desktop Application Solutions

Frontier's team has created such desktop software for various platforms such as MS Windows 98/NT/2000, Linux and Unix operation systems. We propose software solutions in:

o office automation systems
o customer relationship management
o accountant software
o games

Back-end Applications and System Software Solutions

Frontier has significant experience in developing back-end applications and system software such as:

o data management systems
o data processing systems
o client-server applications
o translators, generators, etc.

Hardware Development Solutions

Frontier's team has been developed several types of Hardwire devices.

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