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Health Performance,
Physical and Mental Stress,
Heart Rate Variability(HRV), ECG and PWV

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DANTEST 1.x, DOS Version
Client: Medeia
Environment: Pascal, C++, Assembler
Description: Computerized electrophysiological method, based on computer analysis of heart rate variability (HRV).

DANTEST 1.x, Hardware
Client: Medeia
Description: Capture and analyze ECG signal, convert it to R-R and transmit to PC.

DANTEST 2.x, Windows Version
Client: Medeia
Environment: Watcom C++, Assembler, Visual C++
Description: Computerized electrophysiological method, based on computer analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), EKG and Plethysmogram analysis, Health Risk analysis.

DANTEST 2.x, Hardware
Client: Medeia
Environment: Assembler
Description: Capture and analyze ECG and PL signal and transmit them to the PC. The hardware is based on MC68HCF1 with LCD display and 1MB EEPROM. It is very functional and user-friendly wireless medical system. This hardware can work alone without PC.

Health Check Data Base
Client: Medeia
Environment: Oracle, SQL, MS Visual C++
Description: Statistical processing of huge amount of patients.

DANTEST Website, http://www.dantest.com
Client: Medeia

System Manager 1.0
Description: 32bit object graphic and window library.
Environment: Assembler, Watcom C++

Payroll Calculations 1.0
Environment: MS Visual C++, Access, MS SQL
Description: Bookkeeping windows application.

Find BG, http://www.findbg.com
Environment: Tools: Java, Oracle
Description: Search engine and internet portal.

Web Tracktor: http://trackit.ftechs.com
Track total for unique visits to your web pages with the display and reporting functionality of the Traffic Counter
Time distribution: Year, Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Days of the Month, Hours of the Day
Last day/month: Last 20 Days, Last 10 Months
System statistics: User Agents, Resolutions, Colors, JS Suport, Operational Systems, Browsers
All Referrers: Searchengine, From Web Site, Email, File, Bookmarks, Command Line, Reloads
Last 20: Referrers, URL address, Mail address, HDD address, Search Engines
Geo Tracking: Continent, Countries, Domains
Visitors: All Visitors Statistic

JFramework System
Environment: Java, XML, ORCLE, JSP
Description: The main aim of JFramework is to define a base, design principles and implementation rules of building portable Internet Java applications. Applications built with JFramework conform Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Application Model standards and run on J2EE compatible platforms.
J2EE Application Model is a standard application model for developing multi-tier, thin-client services. It defines three types of application components.

MFinances, www.mfbo.com
Environment: Java, XML, CDO, ORCLE, EJB, JFramework, IBM TupleSpace, JSP.
Description: MFinances offers great opportunities both for the investors and for the companies providing services to the investors. This engine offer stock/index/options quotes, news, markets overview, most active issues, earnings reports, splits, etc. MFinances provide all so online charting and technical analysis tools, and for stocks screening. Web portal for Professional Financial Services

LERF(Project Management System), lerf.inex-project.net, www.lerf.com
Client: INEX
Duration: 4m
Environment: Java, XML, VC++, ATL, MFC, Flash, Oracle
Description: LERFProjec is a Win and Web application for:
- dynamic project management,
- project tracking
- reporting.
LERFProjec was designed in several months using the best experience of several SW engineers in the area of several methodologies such as the Rational Unified Process, MS Frameworks, and knowledge of a lot of SW developers.
LERFProjec's vision of a project is as follows:
- Projects are defined by project managers as nominated entities composed by a set of tasks in given order.
- Each tasks is defined in given time interval
- Task order includes sequential and concurrent time relations.
- During the project life, each task evolve with the activities (reports) added to it by task workers
Team size: 6

Travel Jungle, Travel Jungle IE Bar,
http://www.traveljungle.us, http://www.traveljungle.de, http://www.traveljungle.com
Client: Travel Jungle Germany
Duration: 4m

GPMC (Property Management Client),
More Info: http://www.goldencoastestates.com
Client: Golden Coast Estates
Duration: 7m
Environment: MFC, ATL, STL, ADO, ActiveX, XML/XSLT, COM/DCOM, OLE2

GPMS (Property Management Server),
More Info: http://www.goldencoastestates.com
Client: Golden Coast Estates
Duration: 7m
Environment: Java, XML, Flash, Oracle, JFW, Corba

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